December News:


    Well time does fly when you are having fun. As you know I take a good share of October off, most of the month of November off and a good share of December too while I am at it. This allows this old goat plenty of cleansing time in the woods.

   Fall is my favorite season. I get a sore neck watching the geese fly south, followed by a sore back putting the wood up for the winter, and sore legs chasing the whitetails around, all while running a trap line. It’s a good kind of sore tho.

  This year I had a different kind of sore tho. This sore was a pain right in the ass dealing with these latest anti whacko wierdos that have sprung up this fall. The POW squad. Last Monday I got to go one on one with two of the rudest assos that occupy the state of Vermont. It totally amazes me how two seemingly intelligent folks can be so stupid when it comes to trapping. Did you know that 330 conibear traps do not instantly kill an animal? They suffer for hours of agony in the trap before they expire. This comes from a self-proclaimed rehabilitator of wildlife in Vermont. I do not know what this fella was drinking that night but sign me up for a jug of it. It’s gotta be good to make you that delirious. They constantly kept interrupting when I was trying to speak, until the chair of the meeting threatened to send them packing. We presented facts backed by biology and science and preserved trapping in the town of Bolton as it should be.

  If your traps are being set off, stolen or being harassed on the line call your local warden. These huggers are pulling all of these tactics which are all punishable by law with hefty fines. Some have made threats to people which are being investigated at this time.

   On a brighter note, the freezer is jammed with wild game for the winter, the wood is in the basement and the cabin is buttoned up for old man winter, or thus far the lack of it. Last year at this time I had quit due to deep snow and thick ice. I have only had to chip ice on two mornings so far this year, and we got our first snow Saturday night. Me and the Mrs. were out at first light checking tracks, and although I was in the right area I moved everything a 100 yards to where they are now running. It’s been good for me on the rats, mink and beaver which I am grateful for. I hope you all are enjoying success also.

  I saw St. Nick in the mall and made a special request this year. I know, I am a little old for this but this is special. I realize Santa packs his sleigh full of goodies for everyone and heads out, and then I thought “hell he flies back empty!”. So my request, load the sleigh up with all the POW whacks and deliver them to Mars. Seems like a good place for them Huh?

  Oh behalf of Diane and myself, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year.

 Now, back to that high octane egg nog!